I am an artist in Milton, Vermont, but my artwork has brought me many places.

I learned to paint under the sunsets of Tucson, Arizona, and the wide open cloudless skies of Austin, Texas. The optimism of eternal summer and the magical realism of the American Southwest desert influences my warm palette.

I first fell in love with acrylic painting at my French art teacher’s backyard studio. I designed t-shirts and logos for large events from age fourteen. I painted murals at church and snapped portraits on a Nikon D50 whenever possible. I’ve worked for various high school and university publications. As I got older, I found myself art art museums as a docent, artist guilds at a board member, and public schools as an art teacher.

In every place that I’ve lived, I’ve used art to ask questions about identity, family, and culture. I’ve noticed that who I am is fluid. It shifts according to my geography. I carry with me everything I have learned from the places I’ve been and my family history.

I’m invested in shared nostalgia and notions of a collective. Whenever I create a new body of work, I build a home for myself and everyone that is important to me.