Growing up with sisters in suburban America is a tableau of sleepovers in shared bedrooms, Hello Kitty diaries behind a lock-and-key upon bookshelves decorated with Lisa Frank stickers. Icons Lizzie McGuire and The Spice Girls deemed the 90’s a technicolor, animal-print heavy adulation to girlhood and friendship. The artist acknowledges these influences in her latest work involving found Lisa Frank stationery incorporated into mixed-media collages.

Baby pink, sky blue, and pops of bright yellow are how the artist pays homage to the ephemeral memory of the time of gossip, secret crushes, and heartache. These artworks recreate girls’ bedrooms past, especially the fleeting nature of of friendship within those spaces. The use of found Lisa Frank stationery is reminiscent of the artist’s few years growing up in Tucson, Arizona, also the origin of the Lisa Frank brand. Wavy lines, subtle textures and loose sequins weave the dreamscape that is the memories girlhood in the 90’s.