Trauma Informed Body

The Trauma Informed Body is a collection of eleven self-portraits completed by the artist in 2019. The acrylic works depict the artist in various open and vulnerable poses both nude and semi-nude.

The depictions of the artist are free from traditional editing. Imperfections, yet acknowledged parts of the artist’s experience, such as fat rolls, moles, and glasses, are present. Honesty is a recurring theme. These portraits were completed as memories of sexual abuse resurfaced. The poses are safe recreations of vivid images, some of which are poses the artist found herself during traumatic events. However, this time, the poses speak to confidence through liberation.

The vibrancy of hues the artist selected to paint herself are celebratory. Stark red in several of the pieces evoke the idea of romanticizing one’s identity. Soft pinks and blues in the paintings’ backgrounds reveal a girlish and innate playfulness in every being.